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Here's where all my latest deviations are. Go look, then tell me what you think of them, please. I love constructive criticism and I'll take all the advice I can get :)

Random Favourites

These are my favorites. When I favorite something, it's because I like it. I won't favorite anything aside from that reason. Not to get free stuff, not to get llamas in return... Nope. If I like it, then I favorite it. Simple as pie~ Mmm, I like pie...


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United States
Stole this from Ammuchii ;)


1. Real Name: Skye

2. Nicknames: Little Blue, Stormy, Epikal, Noodles, 'Cade
3. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
4. Male or Female: Female
5. Nursery: No clue of the name.
6. Primary School: American
7. Secondary School: American
8. Hair Color: Red
9. Long or short: Long-ish
10. Loud or quiet: I'm not sure, actually...
11. Sweats or jeans: Sweats
12. Phone or camera: Either. Camera if I'm more serious.
13. Health freak: Ehhhh.... There are times X)
14. Drink or smoke: >.>' (Ew, smoking is gross)
15. Do you have a crush on someone: Nah, man.
16. Political orientation: Ehhhhhh....
17. Piercings: Two on each ear.
18. Tattoo: HA! AHAHAHA! No :(


Have you ever been in:
19. Airplane: No :( Never been.
20. Car accident: Nothing more than bumping bumpers... XD And never when I was driving (probably cuz I've never driven outside of a parking lot)
21. Fist fight: Haha... Um, no.



22. First piercing: Four month's old.
23. First best friend: Girl named Stephanie. We never really talk anymore, but still act like besties when we see each other. It's sad and not sad at the same time TuT :)
24. First instrument played: Piano <3
25. First award: Eh..... No clue~
27. First language: Baby giberish~
28. First big vacation: Devil's Lake condo



29. Last person you talked to: My friend Liz.
30. Last person you texted to: Kodokuna-Kun
31. Last person you watched: ....? Um, I was dogsitting a few hours ago...? Does that count?
32. Last food you ate: Sweet&Salty Kettle chips ^ ^
33. Last movie you watched: Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
34. Last song you listened to: "Acapella" by Karmin :/
35. Last thing you bought: Hmm... umm... Ehm. Jeez, I don't know. A ComicCon ticket? But that was so long ago....
36. Last person you hugged: Daddy <3



37. Food: Oriental food.
38. Drinks: Tea, strawberry milk, Ramune, vodka(not that I've ever had that before >.>'), milk~
39. Clothing: Fuzzy pajama pants and a t-shirt :)
40. Book: Oh shoot, ummmm..... *spreads out arms wide* ~~Fanfiction~~
41. Color: Blue, White, Black and Red, and Purple. And Silver.... Green, Gold... and Orange.... Turquoise... 
42. Flower: Orange Lily, Morning Glory, and Forget-Me-Nots.
43. Music: Ehm. I'm not partial?
44. Movie: Man On A Ledge!!!! <3
46. Subjects: Physiology.



47. [] Kissed in the rain.
48. [] Celebrated Halloween.
49. [] Had your heart broken.
50. [] Went over the minutes on your cellphone.
51. [x] Someone questioned your sexual orientation.
52. [x] Weapons.
53. [] Breath Fire.
54. [] Had an abortion.
55. [x] Done something you've regretted.
56. [x] Broke a promise.
57. [x] Kept a secret.
58. [x] Pretended to be happy.
59. [] Met someone who changed your life.
60. [] Pretended to be sick.
61. [] Left the country.
62. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [x] Cried over the silliest thing.
64. [] Ran a mile.
65. [x] Went to the beach.
66. [x] Stayed single. (Oyiss. Score one for me.)



67. Eating: Nothing atm
68. Drinking: 7-Up soda
69. Getting ready to: say I'm going to sleep and then lay in bed and read fanfiction
70. Listening to: Light Up the World (Glee)
71. Plans for tomorrow/today: Sleep? Schoolwork. Procrastination....
72. Waiting for: The moonsickeness to END (*sobs*)
73. Want Kids: Nope~ Might adopt. But never wanna have one.
74. Want to get married: Sure, I guess.... As long as he can provide, is asexual like me, and doesn't want me to do much in the way of responsibilities (Yes, I know I'm asking for perfection, and impossibility XC DON'T REMIND ME GOSH!)
75. Careers in mind: Artist, manga/anime designer, doctor(NEVER!), editor, author. 



76. Lips or Eyes: Either.
77. Shorter or Taller: Either.
78. Romantic or Spontaneous: It depends on the person. 
79. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Both ^ ^
80. Sensitive or Loud: Again, depends on who they are.
81. Hook-Up or Relationship: Relationship! Never hook up, it's temporary and temporary is useless.
82. Troublemaker or Hesitant: DEPENDS. ON. WHO THEY ARE.



83. Lost glasses/contacts: Yessssssss...
84. Ran away from home: Well... no? I DID take a 4 hour long walk once...
85. Held a weapon, for self defense: Never needed to defend myslef before? I DO know, however, how to rip a male's balls off(essentially, castrate them with my bare hands) so I think I'm good ;)
86. Killed somebody: ._. Murdered my little brother's imaginary friend when I was seven. Sue me.(please don't im poor)
87. Broken someone's heart: Um, I sure hope not! :(
88. Been arrested: Well, no :/



90. Yourself: Sometimes...?
91. Miracles: Well, yeah.
92. Love at first sight: HELL TO THE NO. Now, LUST at first sight? Absolutely(because that's what it actually is, we've talked about this, Aphy-Taffy).
94. Santa Clause: Nah, man. 
96. Magic: Well, no :/



97. Is there one person you wanna be with, right now: Johnny Depp, Stephen Amell, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch to be hugging me right now? YES. YES PLEASE. I NEED CUDDLES :(
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: Eh. 
99. Are you happy with the person you're with: I COULD be more motivated and less lazy, but.. sounds like a lot of effort XD

100. Tag 5 people to do this!~

  • Mood: Disbelief

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Half Body
Danny Phantom character design by EpikalStorms
Valerie - commission(Ammuchii) by EpikalStorms
 A shot of your commission from the waist(or knees) up. Not a full body shot.
(A colored half-body shot will cost an additional 5 points).
Full Body
Sakura  Haruno-Hatake by EpikalStorms
Clarisse Determination pose by EpikalStorms
A shot showing the entire figure of your commission(colored full-body shots will cost an additional 8 points)
Clarisse Riker and Jesse by EpikalStorms
Skye ID by EpikalStorms
 Chibi commissions can be colored for an additional 5 points.
Jesse Wolfe by EpikalStorms
Touch of the lips by EpikalStorms
An image of your commission from the shoulders up. A colored bust shot will be 5 points in addition to the actual price(10 points).
Character Profiles
Clarisse La'Rue  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Jesse Wolfe  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Character profiles are templates of a character of your choice(fanart, OC, or otherwise), which have the character drawn out, colored in flat color, with a copy of the line-art of the character beside it. For this commission, and extra 10 :points: will be paid for +Shading, but this is a price you can bargain against.
(Again, the real price for this is 45 :points:, so i urge you to just pay through my donation pool, so you won't accidentally pay an extra five points.)
Immobile Objects
Impala  -SPN (finished) by EpikalStorms
Uncle Don's Motorcycle by EpikalStorms
These commissions take me an insanely long amount of time to finish, so unless you just want a lineart, which would be 20 :points:, colored version will cost you 30 :points:, while a +Shading version will cost you an entire 50 :points:.
(please pay through donation pool, just as with the other commissions.)
Mummy's Birthday Mermaid by EpikalStorms
Dancing Couple by EpikalStorms
These examples are rough sketches at best, but I can promise you that any commissions in this category will be much cleaner, unless requested otherwise. 
(Real price: 15 :points:, So please just pay through the donation pool instead of on here.)
Cloud practice by EpikalStorms
Buidings/city street/cars (scenery practice) by EpikalStorms
I'm relatively terrible at scenes so they're pretty cheap even though they take me forever to do T-T 
(Real price: 15 :points:)


EpikalStorms has started a donation pool!
58 / 99,999
Commission points will be paid to this donation pool.

Flat Color or +Shading. +Shading is the one that pops out at you more, and flat is just color. Flat shadin is 10 :points: in addition to the entire piece, while flat color is onyl 5:points:)

Head and shoulders/bust: 10 :points:

Immobile object: 15 :points:

Full body: 30 :points:

Half Body: 20 :points:

Scene with full body: 50 :points:

*Extra: 5:points:

*Add a character: 8 :points:

Commission requests must include detailed descriptions of what you want. If it's a person, please include reference on the clothes and hair, if the style is hard to envision to one who's never seen it before. If you are paying the extra five points for a colored version of your commission, please be up front on what colors you want. I'm not going to use a eye drop to pick colors off of another image.
Thank you~

*** Sometimes I feel really into the art mood, so I might add an extra for free--tips for this would be very welcome and appreciated, but not necessary. It's up to you. Just call them Easter Eggs, that you can choose to thank me for or not ;)

Examples of Flat and +Shading colored pieces:
+Shading: Neva Ashemore - commission(Shironaii) by EpikalStorms
Flat Color: Arcnova's Bday Present by EpikalStorms

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