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Here's where all my latest deviations are. Go look, then tell me what you think of them, please. I love constructive criticism and I'll take all the advice I can get.

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These are my favorites. When I favorite something, it's because I like it. I won't favorite anything aside from that reason. Not to get free stuff, not to get llamas in return... Nope. If I like it, then I favorite it. Simple as pie~ Mmm, I like pie...


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Skye X
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States


Jesse Wolfe by EpikalStorms
Clarisse La'Rue by EpikalStorms
An image of your commission from the shoulders up. A colored bust shot will be 5 points in addition to the actual price(10 points).
Half Body
Riker Jackson by EpikalStorms
Cecil Palmer  -(WTNV) by EpikalStorms
 A shot of your commission from the waist(or knees) up. Not a full body shot.
(A colored half-body shot will cost an additional 5 points).
Clarisse Riker and Jesse by EpikalStorms
 Chibi commissions can be colored for an additional 5 points.
Full Body
Riker Jackson  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Clarisse La'Rue  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Jesse Wolfe  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Zoe Nightshade  -RJ charprofs- by EpikalStorms
A shot showing the entire figure of your commission(colored full-body shots will cost an additional 8 points)
Sitting by the fire by EpikalStorms
Riker J, Jesse W and Clarisse L by EpikalStorms
Mermaids  -Colored- by EpikalStorms
I'm relatively terrible at scenes so they're pretty cheap even though they take me forever to do T-T 


EpikalStorms has started a donation pool!
23 / 99,999
Commission points will be paid to this donation pool.

(Colored: + 5 points)

Head and shoulders/bust: 10 points

Immobile object: 15 points

Full body: 30 points

Scene with full body: 50 points

Commission requests must include detailed descriptions of what you want. If it's a person, please include reference on the clothes and hair, if the style is hard to envision to one who's never seen it before. If you are paying the extra five points for a colored version of your commission, please be up front on what colors you want. I'm not going to use a eye drop to pick colors off of another image.
Thank you~

You must be logged in to donate.

Need to get this off my chest...

I don't understand  why everyone calls them cis. Why do they need a name? 

I don't get homosexuality either. I mean what's the big deal? Why do I have to be nice to them? Why do I have to be mean to them? Why should I treat them any differently from how I treat the rest of the human race?  

Don't tell me to hate on cis/bi/gay/lesbian/whateverthefuckyouhavesexualinterestin

So you're gay. Should I care? I'm not male so you won't be interested in me as a love interest. Ok then. That's fine.

So you're lesbian. Ok, so it might be a bit awkward for me knowing that you like my gender, and I don't like it in that way as I'm straight. But I know you like girls and respect that and if I'm friends with you I won't assume that you're checking me out. That's silly, right? For all I know you don't even find me attractive. I'm okay with that.

You're bi. There's a fifty-fifty chance that you'll find an interest in me. But looking at all six billion and growing people in this world? Just cuz I happen to interact with you doesn't mean you're gonna lust after me. And I get it. I understand that. 

It's the same with me. I might check out guys. I like guys. I'll fall in love with a guy and marry a guy because I'm a heterosexual girl. That's how it works. 
But that sure as hell doesn't mean I'm gonna lust after every single guy I see. I have tons of guy friends that I know I'll never date as neither of us are interested. 

That's how it works with ALL sexualities.

So you're gay. You're lesbian, you're bi. You're cis(though I don't see the point of this being a thing).

I understand this. I respect that.

But don't expect special treatment from me because you're bullied for you're choice in people. 

Don't expect me to hate you. But don't expect me to be nice t you because you're generally disliked or seen as abnormal in the public eye.

I'm not gonna 'be nice' to you just because you're gay, lesbian, bi, or whatever the hell you see yourself as.

I'll be nice to you if I like the kind of person you are, not because of your sexual orientation. 

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