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Here's where all my latest deviations are. Go look, then tell me what you think of them, please. I love constructive criticism and I'll take all the advice I can get :)

Random Favourites

These are my favorites. When I favorite something, it's because I like it. I won't favorite anything aside from that reason. Not to get free stuff, not to get llamas in return... Nope. If I like it, then I favorite it. Simple as pie~ Mmm, I like pie...


EpikalStorms has started a donation pool!
231 / 99,999
Commission points will be paid to this donation pool.

Commission requests must include detailed descriptions of what you want.
If it's a person, please include references on the clothes and hair if the style is hard to envision to one who's never seen it before.
If you are paying the extra five points for a colored version of your commission, please be up front on what colors you want. I'm not going to use a eye drop to pick colors off of another image.
Thank you~

*** Sometimes I feel really into the art mood, so I might add an extra for free--tips for this would be very welcome and appreciated, but not necessary. It's up to you. Just call them Easter Eggs, that you can choose to thank me for or not ;)

Examples of Flat and +Shading colored pieces:

+Shading: Neva Ashemore - commission(Shironaii) by EpikalStorms
Flat Color: Arcnova's Bday Present by EpikalStorms

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EpikalStorms's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Haven't posted much lately, and I apologize that my commissions are taking so long! 
I haven't really been eating right these past few months, I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm somewhat anemic, it seems, and my hands have been shaking a lot, so it's hard to hold the stylist sometimes. 
I mean, I guess it sucks a little? But I'll get past it soon enough. I've got to get exercising again soon, though, since this home school thing has me staying home all day! There's a distinct lack of muscle on me XD
Also, my house is going through a few renovations, but those are really slow going since we're also a bit short on money. So my rooms moving around a lot to make space for work. It's a bit cramped now but dad says that's only temporary. 
Ammuchii, your commission should be done before the end of next week
and mikoto712, expect your commission around the same time!
Thank you guys for being so patient with me, I'm really sorry it's taking so long!

Aside from me complaingin about my life and making excuses~~~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SpeedyAlchemist!!! This gal is amazing and beautiful and really super friendly! I'm so happy to know her!!! Happy Birthday, girl, I hope you have a great one!
  • Mood: Optimism

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Story Covers
Pagans and Angels fan cover (sakurademonalchemist) by EpikalStorms
Mercury Oberon Black (HP time travel) by EpikalStorms
Left Us Falling (cover) by EpikalStorms
I will draw a book cover for a fanfiction or original story of your choosing, be it by someone else or your own story(if it is a fanfic by someone else, please notify them when it is complete so they know there has been fanart done for their story, otherwise(for an original story), feel free to use it as the cover image or just do whatever the hell you want with it).
The average cover will include only one character and one item from the story(you'll need to tell me what) in flat color. If you wish to add an extra character or item, it will cost you additional points.
Average cover: 30 :points:
Extra character: 10 :points:
Extra item: 12 :points:
If you want a specific back-ground, that will cost an extra 25 :points:, or only 15 :points: if you ask for it not to be colored.
 +Shading for a book cover: an extra 18 :points:
 +Shading for a background: an extra 30 :points:

((Please pay through the donation pool!!!!))
Half Body
Valerie - commission(Ammuchii) by EpikalStorms
Time Travel Narus 01 by EpikalStorms
 A shot of your commission from the waist(or knees) up. Not a full body shot.
(A colored half-body shot will cost an additional 5 points).
Full Body
Sakura  Haruno-Hatake by EpikalStorms
Youki by EpikalStorms
Cleopatra (EGYPT) by EpikalStorms
Ammuchi OC design contest by EpikalStorms
A shot showing the entire figure of your commission(colored full-body shots will cost an additional 8 points)
Clarisse Riker and Jesse by EpikalStorms
Skye ID by EpikalStorms
 Chibi commissions can be colored for an additional 5 points.
Raphael (TMNT-humans-) by EpikalStorms
Emrys by EpikalStorms
An image of your commission from the shoulders up. A colored bust shot will be 5 points in addition to the actual price(10 points).
Character Profiles
Clarisse La'Rue  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Jesse Wolfe  -RJ character profiles- by EpikalStorms
Character profiles are templates of a character of your choice(fanart, OC, or otherwise), which have the character drawn out, colored in flat color, with a copy of the line-art of the character beside it. For this commission, and extra 10 :points: will be paid for +Shading, but this is a price you can bargain against.
(Again, the real price for this is 45 :points:, so i urge you to just pay through my donation pool, so you won't accidentally pay an extra five points.)
Immobile Objects
Impala  -SPN (finished) by EpikalStorms
Uncle Don's Motorcycle by EpikalStorms
These commissions take me an insanely long amount of time to finish, so unless you just want a lineart, which would be 20 :points:, colored version will cost you 30 :points:, while a +Shading version will cost you an entire 50 :points:.
(please pay through donation pool, just as with the other commissions.)
Late night sketch by EpikalStorms
Sketch of Depression (all 6000 verses) by EpikalStorms
Kuro and His Pokemon (LINEART) by EpikalStorms
These examples are rough sketches at best, but I can promise you that any commissions in this category will be much cleaner, unless requested otherwise. 
(Real price: 15 :points:, So please just pay through the donation pool instead of on here.)
Buidings/city street/cars (scenery practice) by EpikalStorms
Kuro by EpikalStorms
I'm relatively terrible at scenes so they're pretty cheap even though they take me forever to do T-T 
(Real price: 15 :points:)


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XxShiraiYukixX Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Dear god, I just got on for the first time in foreeeeever.

Like, life just got really overpowering. College, babies bein' born, sibling's weddin', getting a job, preparations for moving and stuff.

Yeaaaaah, sorry 'bout not saying anything or being active that much. Everything just went on.
EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*clings* Oh my god, you're back!!!!

Wow. So much Life. Okay then, I forgive you XD

So, how's things goin'?
XxShiraiYukixX Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hiii. xD

Very much life.

And pretty good so far. I might add more drawings on here or something.

Maybe nature pictures cause that's all I have on my comp atm. LOL

Tourist nature pictures. Cause why not.
EpikalStorms Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Nyehehe~

Oh, nice. Good for me too. Math will soon no longer be a thorn in my side... hopefully. If I stop slacking off like this. 

Been travelling?
Choaru Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Dear God, the sweet girl reading this is kind and I'm proud of her. Please help her live life to the fullest and bless her in her chosen field.
Now, you're on the clock. In 9 minutes something will make you happy. Please share this with 15 girls you love. Remember,only for *girls*. If I don't get this back I'm obviously not a close friend.
Now, I have a game for you, it's been played since 1977. Once you read this, you have to send it to 15 people. Your next 5 days will be like this:
Day 1 - you will wake up to the biggest shock of your life.
Day 2 - you will cross paths with an old friend you have missed.
Day 3 - you will find yourself with a lot of money.
Day 4 - your day will be perfect.
Day 5 - the love of your life will kiss you.
....if you don't forward this, your next 5 days will be the exact opposite.
Don't break this. Send it to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard. Whoever sent this to you must care about you.
Don't know how to send it? Lol. Just hold your finger on it and it should

EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'awwww. Choco :heart: Right back at you! Love you, girl!
Choaru Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
YAY :>
EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyway... *hides* I'm sorry, I really need to update Kenbosho, don't I?
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SpeedyAlchemist Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Student Writer
Free hug from Speedy!! onion dance :iconyuiswayplz: :iconmoesnuggleplz: Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2]Big Hero 6 Baymax (There There) Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2]
Have a lovely day Bud! La la la la Dance!
EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A REPLY HUG FROM EPIKAL~~~~ :iconkawaiihugplz:
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