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Draw My OC
Neva Ashemore - commission(Shironaii) by EpikalStorms
Valerie - commission(Ammuchii) by EpikalStorms
Noel(Traumerei) by EpikalStorms
Yes, I will draw your OC if you want me too! Please be detailed in your descriptions and offer me as many references as you can (either other pictures of your OC or the outfits and appearance you want your OC to have if you haven't had them drawn before or drawn them yourself).

An OC costs 40 :points:, and an extra character is 20 :points: more.
Commission: custom 02 by EpikalStorms
Ammuchii's  clothes by EpikalStorms
Valerie - commission(Ammuchii) by EpikalStorms
I'll generally ask if I can design the clothes for any character commissions if they are not otherwise detailed/spoken for in your commission description--I really love to. But if you want an outfit designed by me specifically, here's where you can do it. 
Only lineart: 20 :points:
w/ flat color: 25 :points:
w/ +Shading: 35 :points:

((Please pay through the donation pool!))
Story Covers/Posters
Pagans and Angels fan cover (sakurademonalchemist) by EpikalStorms
GameGeek95 (cover commission) by EpikalStorms
Circus Gothica Poster (the Twins) by EpikalStorms
I will draw a book cover for a fanfiction or original story of your choosing, be it by someone else or your own story(if it is a fanfic by someone else, please notify them when it is complete so they know there has been fanart done for their story, otherwise(for an original story), feel free to use it as the cover image or just do whatever the hell you want with it).
The average cover will include only one character and one item from the story(you'll need to tell me what) in flat color. If you wish to add an extra character or item, it will cost you additional points.
Average cover: 30 :points:
Extra character: 10 :points:

I will draw a poster according to your specifications(it can be an advertising image of your story, or it can even be a fanart of some movie or event that happens in your story, and really of just anything your want. See the Circus Gothica poster above for reference as to what to expect).

((Please pay through the donation pool!!!!))
Half Body
Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug) by EpikalStorms
(DP) Dumpty Humpty Trio by EpikalStorms
 A shot of your commission from the waist(or knees) up. Not a full body shot.
(A colored half-body shot will cost an additional 5 points).

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
Full Body
Noel(Traumerei) by EpikalStorms
Skull-sama (Dec18 2015) by EpikalStorms
A shot showing the entire figure of your commission(colored full-body shots will cost an additional 8 points)

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
dA Valentines submission 2016 by EpikalStorms
 Chibi commissions can be colored for an additional 5 points.

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
Kuro by EpikalStorms
Hat and Ghost kissing -colored- by EpikalStorms
An image of your commission from the shoulders up. A colored bust shot will be 5 points in addition to the actual price(10 points).

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
Character Profiles
Emerald + Jade (for Z and CJ) by EpikalStorms
AU!Tsuna 001, Yukiro(KHR) by EpikalStorms
Time Apprentice -Bazooka- [Danny Phantom] by EpikalStorms
Character profiles are templates of a character of your choice(fanart, OC, or otherwise), which have the character drawn out, colored in flat color, with a copy of the line-art of the character beside it. For this commission, any extra characters are added in at a price of 20 :points: more, and an extra 10 :points: will be paid for +Shading, but this is a price you can bargain against.

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
Immobile Objects
Impala  -SPN (finished) by EpikalStorms
These commissions take me an insanely long amount of time to finish, so unless you just want a lineart, which would be 20 :points:, colored version will cost you 30 :points:, while a +Shading version will cost you an entire 50 :points:.

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))
Sketch of Depression (all 6000 verses) by EpikalStorms
(Lineart)Commission: mermaid by EpikalStorms
I try to make my lineart as clean as I possibly can, so if you want it to lok rough or messy, request it specifically. 

((Please pay through the donation pool!!))

Random Favourites

These are my favorites. When I favorite something, it's because I like it. I won't favorite anything aside from that reason. Not to get free stuff, not to get llamas in return... Nope. If I like it, then I favorite it. Simple as pie~ Mmm, I like pie...


EpikalStorms's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! Skye here, aspiring author and amateur artist. I'll apologize ahead of time if I happen to go all fangirl on you when we're talking--I have so many things that I love.

Commission info can be found on it's respective widget on my profile here ;3 But please request them in a regular note or comment, and pay through the donation pool! My prices are uber cheap compared to other's I've looked around at, and the widget will make you pay too much, not to mention take some points for itself(which sucks, so the donation pool just seems easier, right?).

I DON'T MAKE TUTORIALS! I may in the future, but for now I'm not. Please don't commission them from me!

I'd like to think I'm a friendly person, so if you want a chat or a friend to talk to, shoot me a note or a comment! I'm all ears XD
Okay okay lemme talk
dA has changed so much since I first joined years ago from my first account I had to quit due to cyber bullying to now. And I have to say that I'ma bit disappointed. To me is feels like it hasn't grown as a community and it's changed for the worse and that's probably the reason I don't spend as much time on here as I used to. It's sad. I feel so nostalgic whenever I actually check my dA now. 
  • Listening to: Halsey - Castle
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: DA: Inquisition playthroughs
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: a strange monstrosity of burrito makings
  • Drinking: Pineapple juice

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EpikalStorms has started a donation pool!
276 / 99,999
Commission points will be paid to this donation pool.

Commission requests must include detailed descriptions of what you want.
If it's a person, please include references on the clothes and hair if the style is hard to envision to one who's never seen it before.
If you are paying the extra five points for a colored version of your commission, please be up front on what colors you want. I'm not going to use a eye drop to pick colors off of another image.
Thank you~

*** Sometimes I feel really into the art mood, so I might add an extra for free--tips for this would be very welcome and appreciated, but not necessary--unless you really don't want it. It's up to you. Just call them Easter Eggs, that you can choose to thank me for or not ;)

Examples of Flat and +Shading colored pieces:

+Shading: Neva Ashemore - commission(Shironaii) by EpikalStorms
Flat Color: Arcnova's Bday Present by EpikalStorms

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